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Welcome to Camp Mahou where little boys and little girls with special little abilities come to blossom into little heroes! Here we teach children to explore their newfound powers all while having fun in camp activities including Catchphrases, Team building, Gymnastics, and many more! Our little heroes have the choice to become Magic Girls and Boys or Color Rangers. With other Magic Girls and Boys or Color Rangers, they will for small teams to help each other succeed in camp games. And please don't worry about our children's living in safety! We have plenty of comfortable cabins and fresh food supplements as well as a sufficient camp clinic ready for all campers needs and a large team of Color Rangers Camp Counselors! If you still don't approve of your children's stay at Camp Mahou, you're dead, so it doesn't matter.

Two weeks ago the city was destroyed when an unforeseen Meteor crashed into it's center. On impact with the Earth's surface, the meteor let out a toxin that spread through the city killing everybody except from children between the ages of 8 and 14. Not only did those children live, but they also developed many new powers and abilities. Others, now referred to as "Alive" also survived, but did not develop abilities.

Today, two weeks later, Camp Mahou is formed on the ground zero.

  • extra facts
   powers are not restricted to age, although if you are not between 8 and 14, more than likely you are just Alive.
   That being said, you can also be between the ages of 8 and 14 and also be Alive. In this case, you must be a color ranger
   If you are Alive, it is actually a requirement that you are a color ranger. The toxins in the air, will not kill you, but it can still be crippling. The Color Ranger suits will protect you from the contaminated air.
   That being said, those with abilities are 100% immune
   Did I miss anything 

ALRIGHT FAM HERES THE FUN OOC GAME WE'RE GOING TO PLAY. WE'RE GOING TO DO CHARACTER TRADES. EVERYONE NEEDS TO MAKE ONE OR TWO CHARACTERS AND WHEN THEY'RE ALL MADE, WE WILL DO DRAWINGS. For example, If we have characters Jonny, Jack, and Jill, Jonny will be 1, Jack will be 2, and Jill will be three. We can draw numbers (maybe we'll do the spin the wheel thing), and that character will be whoevers. You get it.



   PROFILE (name, age, Magic Girl/Boy or color Ranger, etc)
   APPEARANCE (find/draw a picture or describe)

At least give a vague idea (at least say "water powers" or "a little shy and really nice" etc)

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